ASHAWGANDHA is also known as Indian winter cherry, Ashwagandha,  Indian ginseng or the herb Vitania sluggard (Withania somnifera). The raw material used in medicine is the root, and the name “Ashwagandha” is derived from the word “ashwa”, meaning horse. It is believed that after consuming the root, one gains powers similar to that of a horse. The second part of the name “gandha,” means fragrance and refers to the characteristic smell of the fresh root of the plant. Since ancient times, it has been traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine as a substance that strengthens the nervous system. This is evidenced by its adaptogenic effects and medicinal uses as “rasayana”(anti-aging).

Botanical Taxonomy

Family Solanaceae

Different names of ashwagandha

  • English name    – Poison gooseberry, Indian ginseng, Indian winter cherry
  • Hindi name        – Asgandh, Ashwagandha
  • Sanskrit name  – Palashaparni, Ashwagandha
  • Bengali name    – Asvagandha
  • Gujarati name   – Godha aakun, Aasandha
  • Malayalam name – Amukkura
  • Telugu name     – Dommadolu gadda, Penneru gadda
  • Kannada name – Ashvagandhi
  • Marathi name   – Doragunj, Asandh
  • Tamil name       – Askulang, Amukura
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